Actimi is a software partner in the TESTER research project

As part of the “Tester” project, we are developing a privacy-compliant app for the secure collection, storage and sharing of health data. A key component is the use of artificial intelligence to optimize a privacy assistant. This informs the user about the secure handling of the health data collected.

In addition to the Fraunhofer Institute, the project partners are the University of Stuttgart, the University of Kassel and the VDI. The project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

Security in the storage and transfer of the collected health data is a priority. Therefore, the data storage is done on German HL7 FHIR servers without disclosure to unauthorized third parties. Additionally, we use 256-bit encryption to secure the data exchange.

The total duration of the project is three years. We are very excited about the cooperation and are sure that we can make our contribution to a successful implementation.