The fastest and easiest way to open a revenue stream as cardiologist

You just have to legally register as a TMZ and can start monitoring relevant patients. We handle device logistics, patient enrollment and offer excellent support

Add revenue to your practice

One patient adds up to 1340€ revenue per year. One nurse can monitor up to 800 patients at once with our web based dashboard.

No upfront cost

Our platform is covered by the new reimbursement for monitoring of Chronic Heart Failure. We take a small share per patient for our whole service.

No hassle patient onboarding

We handle patient outreach, enrollment, device setup, and support for you. You just review patient data.

Start now

Be up and running in minutes and have devices shipped to your patients in days. The fastest way to bring remote patient monitoring to your practice.

Reimbursement of Telemonitoring of CHF starting Q1 2022

For the first time in Europe, cardiologists in Germany are fully reimbursed for telemonitoring patients with chronic Heart Failure. Actimi provides the All-In-One Plattform to start monitoring relevant patients right away.

Cardiologist & MVZ

Per patient per quarter

Introduction of the patient to telemonitoring: GOP 13583 10,70 €
Device fee: GOP 40910 68 €
Telemonitoring, communication with the attending physician: GOP 13584 and GOP 13586 236,59 €
Surcharge for intensified telemonitoring on weekends and holidays: GOP 13585 und 13587 26,48 €

How it works

30 minutes consultation

We guide you through everything to know to start monitoring patients.

Set up TMZ

With our help you can register your practice as Telemedicine Center. This is just a legal step.

Monitor Patients

One nurse can manage up to 800 patients with our platform. Patient reports are created automatically.

Get reimbursed

100% of the costs are reimbursed. You do not have any additional costs.

Easily register your practice as TMZ

This is just a legal step so your practice can start monitoring patients. We guide you through the process. You have to meet the following criteria:

  • You are a specialist in cardiology
  • You are a doctor or MVZ approved according to § 95 SGB V to participate
    in contract medical care.

Patient Criteria

In order for patients to be able to participate in Actimi, they must meet the following criteria:

  • They have moderate to severe heart failure.
  • They have an ejection fraction that is less than 40%.
  • They have an ICD, CRT-P, or CRT-D pacemaker or you have been hospitalized for heart failure in the past 12 months.

Platform Overview

Patient Enrollment: We onboard the patients and educate them how to use the app and devides

Device Logistics: We handle the transporting of relevant medical devices to the doorstep of the patients

Web based Dashboard: No installation needed. Just set up an account and start monitoring

Patient App: The patients can easily measure the relevant vital signs from home

Excellent customer support

When you run into any difficulties do not hesitate to call us at anytime. We are there to support both patients and professionals at any time.

You think our system could be built better? Give us a call or write us directly. We listen closely to feedback and are fast to response and adapt.