Get reimbursed for bringing safety to your Chronic Heart Failure patients

We onboard your relevant patients in our Actimi Cardio program. So you get reimbursed by insurances for indication and receiving reports of the health of your patients.


Not only your patients are safe with us, but also all their data.


Lean back and let us monitor your patients at risk.


You get paid for the indication of the patients and to receive automated reports.


We are doctors ourselves and understand the practice workflow.

Reimbursement of Telemonitoring of CHF starting Q1 2022

As a General Practitioner you can indicate your relevant Chronic Heart Failure patients to be monitored from our cardiologists. You receive quarterly reports and alert so it helps you bring more safety to your patients

General Practitioner

Per patient per quarter

Indication and consultation 5 min each:
GOP 03325, 04325 und 13578
7,32 €
Care lump sum, communication with TMZ: GOP 03326, 04326 und 13579 14,42 €

How it works

Indicate your patients

You identify patients at risk and we will safely onboard them in our system.

Get automated reports

In every quarter you will get a summary of the health of your patients.

Get reimbursed

For indication and receiving reports you will get reimbursed up to 106€ per patient per year.

Patient Criteria

In order for patients to be able to participate in Actimi, they must meet the following criteria:

  • They have moderate to severe heart failure.
  • They have an ejection fraction that is less than 40%.
  • They have an ICD, CRT-P, or CRT-D pacemaker or you have been hospitalized for heart failure in the past 12 months.