How You Benefit From Telemonitoring

Your vital parameters are continuously monitored by doctors.

Measure your vital parameters from the comfort of your home.

Direct communication with cardiologists and our support.

All expenses are covered by your health insurance.

Actimi Devices

Telemonitoring "Out Of The Box"

You receive a tablet with the ACTIMI Telecare app installed, an ECG and blood pressure monitor, and a body scale. All without setup process.

  • No Account Setup
  • No Wifi Necessary
  • No Device Setup
  • Technical Phone Support

Patient Criteria

In order for you to participate in the ACTIMI Telecare Program, you must meet the following criteria. If you are unsure, please contact your primary care physician.

  • You have moderate to severe Heart Failure
  • You have an ejection fraction that is less than 40%
  • You have an ICD, CRT-P or CRT-D pacemaker or you have been hospitalized for heart failure in the past 12 months

If interested, feel free to contact your primary care physician or cardiologist with reference to this website.

You will receive a free patient kit to record your health values on a daily basis.

in 5 Minutes daily you can measure your heart rate, ecg and body weight.

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