Complete Heart Health

We offer a comprehensive health package designed to improve and optimize your cardiovascular well-being.


Program Details

  • 7-Days a week vital signs monitoring by cardiologists of the Technical University Munich
  • Personalized report written by cardiologist if values are not according to guidelines
  • Quarterly video-call with lifestyle-coach to review reports and adapt lifestyle changes
  • Tracking Vital Data via certified Medical Devices
  • AI-Driven Lifestyle Recommendations

Actimi Connect Premium


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What’s Included In Complete Heart Health

  • ECG, blood pressure, weight vital signs are transmitted to approbated cardiologists of the Technical University Munich.
  • Track the medications and set reminders for yourself.
  • Don’t wait for the next appointment! Message your clinic whenever you have a question and get the right answer in minutes.
  • Request appointment and start video consultation from your doctor.
  • Get personalized lifestyle recommendations by AI-Driven chatbot to get better understanding of your condition results any time, anywhere.
Blood Pressure Measurement
  • Clinical Standard: IEC80601-2-30
  • Up to 8 measureaTechnology: Oscilllometric Methodments on-device between synchronizations
  • Pressure range: 0-300mmHg
  • Pressure measurement accurancy: ±3mmHg
  • Pulse rate range: 40 to 200 /min
  • Pulse rate accurancy: ±2 /min
ECG Recording
  • Lead Type: Integrated ECG Electrodes
  • Lead Set: Lead I, Lead II, Chest Lead
  • Recording Length: 30s
  • Heart Rate Range: 30-250/min
  • Heart Rate Accuracy: ±2/min OR ±2% whichever is greater
  • Size (the main unit): 135mm * 45mm * 20mm
  • Weitgt (the main unit): 240g
  • Cuff size: 22-42cm (Standart, other sizes are optional)
  • Display: 1.4 inch Digital OLED

With our comprehensive heart health package, you can:

Lower Blood Pressure: Our personalized plan is tailored to help you effectively lower your blood pressure, reducing the risk of heart-related complications and fostering a healthier cardiovascular system.

Prevent Major Heart Problems: Take proactive measures to prevent major heart problems by implementing our personalized approach. We equip you with the knowledge and resources needed to make informed decisions for your heart’s well-being.

Health Coaching: Benefit from the guidance and support of our dedicated health coaches who will walk alongside you on your health journey. They will provide expert advice, motivation, and guidance to ensure you stay on track towards improved heart health.



The simplest way to accurately measure your blood pressure, heart rate and ECG in seconds.

Every reading appears in the Actimi Connect tablet app automatically and your medical doctor gets notifications at the same time.



Tracking your weight has never been easier or more meaningful. Our smart scale not only provides accurate weight measurements but also seamlessly connects to our intuitive tablet app, allowing you to monitor your progress at your fingertips. Take charge of your health.