Modular Platform With Open API

Our System is designed from ground up to be flexible and interoperable with other systems.

Feature Overview of our Chronic Care Platform

With our knowledge and experience in the day to day medical life, we know what tools doctors need to safe time while managing chronic care patients.

  • Web based dashboard
  • Family Member Integration
  • Patient app on tablet
  • Customizable care plans
  • AI Chatbot
  • Individual patient alerts
  • Video & text chat
  • Organization & role management
  • demo6-f2
    Web based dashboard
  • demo6-f2
    Family Member Integration
  • demo6-f2
    Patient app on tablet
  • demo6-f2
    Customizable care plans
  • demo6-f2
    AI Chatbot
  • demo6-f2
    Individual patient alerts
  • demo6-f2
    Video & text chat
  • demo6-f2
    Organization & role management

Our Platform is on FHIR

We believe in interoperability. To provide optimal care for patients, systems must work together. This is why we built our platform natively on HL7 FHIR.


Open API to integrate in other systems

With our custom API we are able to integrate fast in other systems and offer parts of our platform modular. Also we are able to integrate any hardware fast to our system.

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