Reimbursed Remote Patient Monitoring For Chronic Heart Failure

As a cardiologist you can monitor relevant patients and get fully reimbursed since 2022. We provide you and your patients everything you need to start now.

ACTIMI Telecare complies with the quality assurance agreement of the KBV, which was published on 01 April 2022.

Your TMZ can simultaneously care for patients with external measurement devices as well as implanted sensors from the five major manufacturers.

Telemonitoring using external measuring devices is reimbursed nationwide and extrabudgetary. There are no upfront costs for you.

The main part of the telemonitoring process can be done by medical assistants.

Patient Side

Telemonitoring "Out Of The Box"

Your patients receive a package containing a tablet with the ACTIMI Telecare app installed, an ECG and blood pressure monitor, and a body scale. All without setup process.

  • Works Out Of The Box
  • No Account Setup
  • No Wifi Necessary
  • Technical Phone Support

35 %

Reduction in patient mortality

30 %

Reduction in unplanned hospital admissions

97 %

Patient compliance (days with full measurement)

Reimbursement For Telemonitoring Of Chronic Heart Failure

EBM reimbursements per patient per quarter

Introduction of the patient to telemonitoring: GOP 13583
10,70 €
Device fee: GOP 40910
68 €
Telemonitoring, communication with the attending physician: GOP 13584 and GOP 13586
236,59 €
Surcharge for intensified telemonitoring on weekends and holidays: GOP 13585 und 13587
6.99€ / 7.58€

GOÄ reimbursements per patient

Telemonitoring of patients GOÄ 653
177,00€ (weekly)
Quarterly report (automated) GOÄ 75
7,58€ (quarterly)
Evaluate profile of Intensity GOÄ 60
26,99€ (quarterly)
React to alert GOÄ 60/75
6.99€ / 7.58€

Patient Criteria

In order for patients to be able to participate in ACTIMI Telecare, they must meet the following criteria:

  • They have moderate to severe Heart Failure (NYHA Class II & III)
  • They have an ejection fraction that is less than 40%
  • They have an ICD, CRT-P or CRT-D pacemaker or have been hospitalized for heart failure in the past 12 months

Easily Register Your Practice As TMZ

To care for patients with chronic heart failure, you must register with your KV as a TMZ. We will be happy to support you in this process. The following conditions are required by the KV:

  • You are a specialist in cardiology.
  • You are a doctor or MVZ approved according to § 95 SGB V to participate in contract medical care.

What Our Clients Say

Lets Start Telemonitoring Now

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You can easily register your MVZ or practice as a telemedicine center.

You can now introduce your patients in the program and start monitoring.

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