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Explore our solutions to tackle the rise of chronic diseases and a lack of medical staff.

Heart Failure

Reimbursed Chronic Heart Failure Monitoring

For the first time in Europe, Germany reimbursed the telemonitoring of chronic heart failure patients since 2022. We offer the platform for this.

  • Live in multiple clinics and practices
  • 97,5% patient compliance
  • Integration in HIS Mediconnect
  • Monitoring Service by Technical University Munich
Senior Care

Remote Patient Monitoring For Nursery Homes

Doctors with contracts in nursery homes can let the residents measure their health and act on critical health developments.

  • No unnecessary in person visits
  • Frees up time of nurses
  • Data based decision making
  • Monitoring service by Technical University Munich
Care +

Take Your Health In Your Own Hands with ACTIMI Care+

Order your personal health package and measure your health from your home and on travel.

  • Video & text chat with cardiologist experts
  • AI Chatbot reacting to your measurements
  • Personalized health package
  • Medical grade measurement devices

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